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Kevin Hosea



Indianapolis Mini-Marathon is tomorrow

Posted by kevinhosea on May 1, 2009 at 5:24 PM

     So tomorrow is the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.  Im not exactly sure why it is called a mini-marathon since it is a half-marathon but oh well.  I got a later start on my day than I really wanted to today.  I had been hoping to leave my house no later than noon but instead it was closer to 12:30.  I then had to make a stop at Dick's Sporting Goods to look for some kind of tac that I could use on my gloves since it is supposed to rain.  I never really thought about how there arent really any Dick's near where I live.  The closest is like 15 minutes away but luckily I found what I needed pretty quickly.  I was headed out of town by 1:15. 

     The trip here went by fast and uneventful except for the one time I started to hydroplane/fishtail going about 72 miles per hour when there was a sudden downpour of rain and the person infront of me hit their brakes which made me have to hit mine.  I recovered easily though and the rain stopped about 3 minutes later.  I got to the hotel and realized just how good of a location it is for the race.  The convention center where the expo/packet pickup was, is literally across the street and there is a skywalk to get there from the hotel so I didn't even have to go outside.  The start of the race is about 2 blocks away from the hotel as well. 

     Since getting my room and my packet, I have gone through the expo bag (a bunch of junk for the most part), sprayed my gloves with the tac, and gotten some food.  Later on I will probably try to get the rest of my racing chair set up so there is less I have to do in the morning.  The race starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning and the weather is supposed to be questionable.  I looked at the hourly forecast and as of right now they are saying it will be 50 degrees with a 30% chance of rain. 

     I am a bit nervous for the race because of how I have felt lately during a lot of my workouts.  I know I'm in shape but I just haven't been able to mentally get focused.  Hopefully I can do well so I can win some money.  First place gets $1000, second gets $600, third gets $400, fourth gets $300, fifth gets $200, and sixth gets $100.  If I can manage to get in the top 3 I would at least pay for my trip out here if nothing else.  If you are interested, you can follow me during the race or check the final results by going to and clicking on "Results" along the left side.  Then you can either enter my name or my bib number which is 146.  I will try to write another entry tomorrow night talking about how the race went.

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Reply Beth Yantek
10:43 PM on May 1, 2009 
Kevin, First time to sit and read your blog. Love it. Goodl luck tomorrow. You are such an inspiration.
11:53 PM on May 1, 2009 
Kevin Kevin Kevin. One car length for every 10 MPH!!!!!


Maybe your race will go like all my test in college. You may be thinking you will suck, but them BAM you ace it! ....well you better... so you can get the $1000 and put it towards Hawaii right?!
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