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Kevin Hosea



Indy Mini-Marathon Recap

Posted by kevinhosea on May 12, 2009 at 9:56 PM

  Sorry for the delay in writing about the race.  Ive been busy and kept forgetting about it when I had time available.  Now where to begin about the race....

  So when I went to bed the night before the race, I looked at the weather forecast one more time.  The forecast said there was a 60% chance of rain for the 7-9 am so I thought it was definitely going to rain.  I had put plenty of sticky stuff on my gloves and push rims which was pretty much all I could do to prepare for it.  I did not get as much sleep before the race as I was hoping but thats my own fault and it actually really did not affect my energy level.  My hotel wakeup call came at 5:15 AM (a time of day that really should not exist).  I woke up got ready to go and checked the weather forecast one last time.  It said there was only a 10% chance of rain so I did what I could to remove a little of the tac from my gloves.  I drove down to the start line even though it was only a few blocks from the hotel so I could have all my tools and things with me.

  Once I got parked, I took the time to check over my chair making sure everything was working properly, put my number on, and pumped up my tires.  Then I got in and did some warm up along the road that the race started on.  I wasnt feeling great but I felt pretty good so I was pretty confident for the race.  There was a pretty good group of racers that showed up so I knew I had some good competition.  From doing this race a few years ago, I knew that everyone always liked to start off at a dead sprint and I wasnt going to let myself do that.  I was just going to run my own race at the pace I knew I needed to do.

  The race started and just as expected, everyone took off like crazy.  I kept up with them for a little because the start is a slight downhill.  As soon as it leveled out, the top 3 guys gapped me but I wasnt worried and I just stayed at my own pace.  I was a little tight at the start but I loosened up fast and felt better and better as the race went on.  Around the 4th mile, I was feeling really good and was keeping a good speed.  I had been passed by 1 other person before that point so I was currently in 5th place.  I could see the 4th place guy and I was gradually gaining on him.  Over the next couple miles, I continued to gain on him and by the 6 mile point, I was about 200 yards behind him.  I picked up the pace because I wanted to try to catch him by the time we got inside the indy race track.  Shortly after I picked up my speed, is when everything went wrong.  I was going about 17 mph and then all the sudden, PSSSSSSSSSSS, my back right tire went flat.  I had realized before the race that I did not have a spare tire with me.  I usually always carry one with me during a race with a CO2 cartridge but apparently it had fallen out of my bag in the garage at home.  This meant I either had to stop the race or continue pushing but going slower because it is risk to push on a flat tire with carbon fiber wheels because they can get damaged.  I told myself at the very least I would push another 2 miles because I wanted to do the lap around the race track since that is the coolest thing about that race.

  While going around the track, I was trying to decide what to do after I got out of the track.  Wasn't sure if I wanted to stop the race or keep going.  I decided I would keep going until the runners caught up with me.  I made it out of the track before any runner caught me and when they did, it was just the african runners.  I decided I would keep going since they are crazy fast runners compared to most.  Around mile 9 the first american runners caught me.  I was still feeling ok but was getting annoyed with having to push at such a slow speed.  I saw some people with a cart and a radio around the 9.5ish mile point and decided I would stop.  I got to them and asked them if there was any bus, truck, or van that could pick me up to take me back to the finish line because of my flat tire.  After about 5 minutes of the guy talking to someone on the radio, that person finally said that there was a bus but it would not get to my part of the race until after every single runner/walker had passed.  If this had been a smaller race, that would not have been a big deal.  Unfortunately, this race is the 5th largest road race in the U.S. with 35,000 participants and at that time, only about 10 had passed me.  I heard this and was like, nevermind I'll just keep pushing because I knew it would be a few hours before the bus would get to me.  I pushed as fast as I could without risking my disk wheel and kept my speeds between 10 and 13 mph.  I finally finished the race in 1 hour 19 minutes and 3 seconds and I was 7th place.  The prize money only was paid out to 6th place so I missed out on the money.  If I had been able to stay on my goal pace, I would have been no worse than 4th place and possibly even 3rd place.  So to say the least, it was a frustrating race but its over, time to move on. 

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